Direct Evaporative Water Cooled Chiller

About us


New Concept in Evaporative Cooling

ECA is a water cooled hybrid chiller complete with an evaporative condenser, multiple compressors and a patented plate heat exchanger all within one package. 

There are a number of significant features of our system setting us apart from our competitors' units, ie 

  1. Legionella free;
  2. better efficient by 38% to 50%;
  3. less space by not requiring a chiller condenser room; 
  4. less water loss through evaporation;
  5. highly configurable; and
  6. easy to install and maintain.

Our Technology

Concept diagram

System COP of Our Unit More Than 4.5

Rejected heat generated from the refrigerant vapour-compression process is dissipated directly through the patented heat-transfer plate. 

Units of our competitors require the rejected heat to be transferred firstly to a water medium and then to a water cooling tower on roof top for heat dissipation.

Our innovative design of how rejected heat is dissipated enables our system to  achieve a system COP of 4.5+ for a period up to 10 years.  To arrive at our system COP, input power includes power to compressors, cooling water pump and condenser fan.

UV Disinfection

The main reason why a lot of property owners is reluctant to use a conventional water cooled chiller is a high potential risk of causing Legionnaire disease outbreak.

Working in conjunction with the statutory requirement of chemical treatments, our units can remove almost 100% of Legionella in the condensing water.    

Independent Tests of COP and Legionella Carried out by the Hong Kong Productivity Council

Hong Kong Productivity Council  (HKPC) was retained by us to carry out tests on System COP and Legionella between 7 August 2017 and 10 October 2017.

In its final report of 23 October 2017, HKPC verifies:- 

  1. System COP of our ECA unit is 4.49 (ie 60.69 kW of refrigeration output / 13.52 kW of average input power to two compressors, cooling water pump, condensing fan and other electrical components) ; 
  2. Total Legionella count of serogroup 1, serogroup 2-14 and unidentified spp. in the condensing water of the collection basin and distribution header is less than 10 cfu/ml, whose legal limit is not more than 10; 
  3. Heterotrophic colony count is not more than 690 cfu/ml, whose legal limit is not more than 100,000; 
  4. Total dissolved solids is not more than 470 ppm, whose legal limit is 1,500; and 
  5. Total suspended solids is less than 5 ppm, whose legal limit is 180.  

It is noted that our chiller can achieve 100% efficiency even at 72% part load. 

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Water treatment

Tandex Pty Ltd

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